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Throttled Deaths
Thanks Early Warning System!

* Also notice the delay from Death to Received aka "Entered"

* Also notice the State Location*

It is Eagle's opinion VAERS "deletes" state locations, and manipulates actual entered date in effect holding reports much longer before publishing!

What you see above is 117 DEATH reports of the most throttled reports.  The CDC/VAERS kept these reports in system at least 321 days to 665 days or aka almost 22 months before showing the world!  Below is how this looks in context to all DEATH reports sat on by VAERS 90 days or longer.

What you see below is a totally different set of ID#'s and type of delay (throttling).  My ~41 report example of the most delayed (500 days<) in SUBMITTING REPORTS TO VAERS!!??

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