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Total Doses on Hand

Vaccination status by Healthy Places Index and other groups

This chart shows our progress in vaccinating groups and communities with the most urgent need. You can view by age, race and ethnicity, or Healthy Places Index (HPI), either statewide or by county.

This chart uses the Healthy Places Index 3.0 (HPI), developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California. The HPI uses a range of data sources and indicators to calculate a measure of community conditions ranging from the most to the least healthy based on economic, housing, and environmental measures. Scores range from less healthy community conditions in Quartile 1 to more healthy community conditions in Quartile 4.

Vaccination status by age and race and ethnicity

This chart shows vaccinations, including boosters, for age and demographic groups. Selecting a race and ethnicity updates the line chart, but not the table or bar charts.

Vaccinations by ZIP code

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