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Covid19/MonkeyPox Only // 01


This dashboard analyzes the "new" jabs C19 & MonkeyPox.  Lot# and expiration dates included.  More than 300K reports with Unknown Age are now properly updated here.  More than ~100K severe events are pulled out of "None of Above" and "Office Visit" levels and reclassified as Emergencies, Hospitalization, and/or Life Threatening.  Filter between original unedited fields to "corrected" fields to visualize the real carnage.  Search you Toxic Lot here!

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Deleted Reports // 03


See all 34,000+ deleted reports back to 2007.  Authenticate each report with direct hyperlink access to Wayback Machine.  Search filters by symptoms, Vax Type, Vax Manufacturer, Adverse Event Levels, Delete Date, etc.  Want to find a needle in the haystack?  That's child's play, we can find a certain needle in a stack of needles.  More than 24,000 deleted reports are Convid-19 reports.

V-safe // 05


7.5M records uploaded and ~3M records to go.  This Dashboard is still under construction.  However, get data on the pregnant women and the 133K adolescents captured in V-Safe.  That's right, there is more than just the 10K under 3yr old kids we were alerted to, there are 133K adolescents when filtering on Relationship:  Parent/Guardian.

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The analysis CDC this didn't do, then they said they did, but did not reveal until Epoch Times FOIA.  FYI, it still looks like they scammed this analysis as well.  No myocarditis signal in the upper ages?  some signals classified as "non-serious" are very serious!

Steve Kirsch's Medicare Vax Death Data from Substack article Feb 25th 2023 // 09

all cause thumb.PNG
All Cause Death // 02


All cause death at the COUNTY LEVEL!  Data directly from CDC's Wonder System with rarely seen visibility into Place Of Death, like Inpatient, Emergency Room, SNF, Dead on Arrival, etc.. 

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Entire 32yrs VAERS // 04


Search all 2.3M+ reports back to 1990 and currently published.  Data in this dashboard is uncleansed and unedited, it matches exactly to Medlaerts and the Wonder system.  Use the symptoms search to see how many serious events are actually "under-coded" into the None of Above aka safe & effective or not serious bucket.  Symptoms like cardiac arrest, Pulmonary Embolism, myocarditis, strokes and even DEATH are under-coded into event level: NONE OF ABOVE

Kingston's NDC Search // 06


NDC Search Tool I made for Ms. Karen Kingston.  Search for the NDC number of all vaccines, medications, and OTC's ever created.  More than 523,0000 records.  Want the NDC of the new bivalents?  It's right here.

Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) Data // 08

* See where the $6 billion in vaccine injuries went, see what is in process and what has been denied.

ICAN'S Pfizer Lot and Dose Data Release updated 9/16/2022 // 11
ICAN'S Moderna Lot and Dose Data Release 7/17/2023 // 12
Buffonate di Stato Conto di Morte // 10

Decessie E Cause Di Morte: Cosa Produce L'istat

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