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My Bio:  Revenue Cycle Management Expert (25yrs).  This ain't my first rodeo.  

Objective:  Initially I wanted to follow this new warp speed vaccine, I was curious and hoping for the best.  Now after 3yrs of auditing VAERS, I'm here to show you how the people entrusted to care for and maintain accurate data in VAERS are the same people manipulating and obfuscating VAERS. 

Conclusion:  VAERS is actively covering up catastrophic injury and to add insult, VAERS does not publish all legitimate reports received!


At least a hundred thousand very serious events like chest pain, cardiac arrest, strokes, pulmonary embolisms and DEATH are classified as "NOT SERIOUS"!


Well over half of the cardiac arrests that did not die (1,133) do not indicate ROSC, or leave any clue that victim survived?  It is a federal crime to submit fake or false report.  It should also be a felony to do this shitty of a job adjudicating reports.  This is beyond horrible incompetence, it's collusion, it's racketeering, it's RICO! 


Doesn't CDC/FDA have an obligation to maintain accurate data?

Although this next example below might be a legitimate down-code, I impress upon you the fact the grand majority of changes, edits, or corrections are always in the direction of putting the dog shit vaccines in the best light possible!  Anything to make vaccines as safe as possible.  Hundreds of deaths are effectively hiding currently as UNK Vax Type, UNK Manufacturer, and death boxes not checked off!  

Multiple DEATHS "bundled" on a single report

This Romanian report is included because it's very telling.  Questions abound, how broad was this retrospective study?  Were these three physicians from the same hospital? Study went through their National Public Health Institute covering the first 3 months of rollout, how much of Romania's population was Pfizer vaxxed at that time of 19M?  Victims were not fully vaxxed, but caught "C19" shortly after and died?  OK sure.

Even Bobby knows VAERS does not publish ALL legitimate reports received!

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