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Guadalupe Espinoza

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On Behalf of Espinoza Family


Hello Everyone,


It is with great sadness to share the passing of Lupe Espinoza. Lupe had a huge heart and leaves a huge imprint in the world she leaves behind. As a result of some lung and heart complications, Lupe lost her life on September 28, 2021. Lupe was a fighter until the very end as she fought hard against this illness spending the last two months of her life in the hospital.  


Lupe was a beautiful person who dedicated her life to her passion of advocating for disadvantaged students. She was brave and courageous and spoke up for those in need and those who could not speak up for themselves. She was a single mother to her teenage son who was her world. As you can imagine her family is left with a huge void in their lives with the loss of Lupe and there is nothing that can take away the pain they are currently enduring. 


If we could help just by allowing them to focus on their grieving process and not worry about the financial burden of funeral costs it would be greatly appreciated. Please help us lay Lupe to rest, any donation would be greatly appreciated. I humbly ask for your support in donating and/or sharing this cause. Thank you

Thoughts and Well Wishes

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Nov 22, 2022

We will never stop being Lupe’s voice!🙏 We will never stop exposing the genocid, which is still to this day occurring in our nation. Lupe was my beautiful bestfriend. She had a deep love for the Lord that was contagious❤️! On August 4, 2021 Lupe was

admitted into Clovis Community Hospital. Her young son was forced to watch his Mother’s medical murder peering through her hospital window in 110 degree heat because the hospital would not allow us in! Our wittiness needs to be heard. All hospitals across the nation are following the Covid Hospital Protocol and murdering the innocent daily. God will expose everything! God WINS!✨Lupe Espinoza will not remain speechless!

✨ God hold you tight friend!

Untill we meet again! ❤️ We miss you everyday!😭

We love you!💕



God Bless you Lupe

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