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Spinning Lies & COI's

See Page 11 (U.S. Reports through Feb 16, 2021 "pre-processed") 104K Rpts
This is Guetzkow's New FOIA'd data shown on The Highwire Mar 30, 2023
Quickly there is a discrepancy of ~32K reports between GDIT & Shimabukuro 

~15K U.S. reports had been published by Feb 19, and 19K by Tom Shimabukuro's March 1 ACIP slide deck.  However, it took until Apr 30 to cover reports in quoted by Shimabukuro.  Additionally the Tom & GDIT/CDC must have known about the ~3,364 deaths per the definition of "pre-processed"...

Here's ~10min clip of Highwire looking into GDIT/CDC FOIA'd document aired Mar 30, 2023


* Only ~172 Foreign C19 reports had been published by data update May 7, 2021.

*  18,146 all else non-covid19 reports from Dec18 to Apr30, 2021 were published.

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