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Was Moderna and Pfizer running Covid-19 trials in early March 2019?

Apart from the fact VAERS is hiding this death by not marking the field (Died? YES) and UNK Vax Type, What is a MTA vaccine?

An MTA Vaccine is a mutation-derived tumor antigen vaccine (MTA-based vaccine). Click Image below:

Apparently Moderna and Pfizer are racing towards a cancer vaccine. In Pfizer's case it's the BNT122. Click image below:

Launch article

In running a initial internet search, I came across a different MTA aka Metro Transit Authority dolling out vaccines (above). Considering the dead trial patient was from NY, I initially assumed MTA was some fancy acronym for Moderna? It still could be which brings me to this idea, could the evil cabal have ran Covid-19 trails under the guise of MTA trials? On unsuspecting patients no less? Please watch video below:

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