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This is the most infamous deleted VAERS report of all 24,000 deleted reports.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This is about the 2yr old Alaskan baby report that died 6 hours after his jab bleeding from his ears, nose and eyes! The report was only available in the downloadable files for a few minutes before they retracted the report and it was never officially published and therefore never officially deleted! It's the reason why Aaron Siri and ICAN got involved. Your Welcome fellas. Download the complete story here:

Download PDF • 1.97MB

This is the 2nd additional FOIA referenced in video of 1/22/2023- FYI a appeal FOIA has now been submitted for the redacted names of the people that were involved via email threads that were redacted.

22-01448 Final Records for Requester 2nd alaskan baby foia
Download PDF • 932KB

Bombshell Update! This dead Alaskan baby report just appeared again at new VAERS ID# 2490887 data published Nov 4, 2022. video has been made:

Principal attorney and ICAN have been alerted. Let see what happens next? Deleted again or left published to be scrutinized?

Tap on Image below:

The latest update as of 1/22/2023

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I think this report was real not fake

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