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Search & the myocarditis stats (The full story)

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

In a rare interview creator of OpenVaers discusses her story with RTE on Jan ~10, 2023. At about 1hr into the interview Liz get's into the weeds about how the foreign data purge of November 18th and her website overhaul, server migration, her updated coding logic for myocarditis and other interpretations all convened at around same time. As of Jan 14 (today) she is still perfecting the coding logic per the interview. The full interview and my shorter condensed version with narratives are below (video). However, there is a additional back story and more sincere timeline of events. This is somewhat of an important and intriguing true story because it brings real people into the story like Dr. Peter McCullough, Jessica Rose, PhD., Dr. Naomi Wolf, and Dr. Henry Ealy.

The short story is that the myocarditis/pericarditis stats (count of ID#'s) being presented on and around ~Sept 27th, 2022 were highly over inflated (52,347). Although it is my belief there are people in VAERS that have "myo/periC" but are not clinically diagnosed yet, they present or reports were filed as victims having "chest pain" only. There are over ~40K reports of victims having chest pain, but no myo/periC or no "carditis" of any kind. There is an additional ~10K victims that have documented symptoms populated in the symptom field: chest pain and myo/periC and/or other types of carditis. Stated another way, almost half the victims with myo/peri also have chest pain. So I'll let Liz off the hook about the how many people in VAERS subjectively and realistically have myocarditis, but objectively the oversight in calculation methods and formularies is barely forgivable. We've put people like Dr. McCullough in a vulnerable position running around all over the world pointing to some red and white boxes that were very questionable at best. Moreover, no matter what number OpenVAERS puts forth for myo/periC you can't technically query or read those reports for yourself! You just have to take Liz's word for it. Someone please correct me on this point if I'm getting this part wrong, aka the ability to read the "myocarditis" reports presented in the "white box".

Part of the true story that Liz did not mention in RTE was that WelcomeTheEagle brought this issue to her attention on Sept 27, 2022. My exchange with Liz is chronicled in this Twitter exchange below:

As you can see there has been much conversation about the foreign data purge that caused the "myocarditis" stats and signals to now be cut in half? To be clear like I stated in my Twitter exchange and now exposed by the foreign data purge, notice just how much of the "myocarditis" interpretation and diagnosis was being extracted from the narrative!? Could CDC's internal certified professional coders (CPC) have gotten it this wrong? I'm a CPC, and I wanted to know how the CDC's coders got it this wrong, because it's this group entrusted to extract the coding from anywhere in the report. BTW- These types of reports back in the day were called SOAP notes (Subject, Object, Assessment, Plan) and it's how the doctors are trained to write "chart notes". It's still the way all EMR's are setup today. However the SOAP acronym has changed to Encounter Data. So you can see at exchange #8 of my Tweet, Liz called me a "dick" for the very thing I know a lot about as it's a small part of my profession as a RCM expert running enterprise level billing departments (~40+ employees) and up to 12 EMR's at once. I'm actually super proud that Liz called me a dick. If you listen closely you can hear a "thud" the VAERS desk right now. That's me slapping my dick on the table with this little blog.

Back to the facts, keep in mind that the symptoms field was never scrubbed from the foreign data and the domestic data was not affected at all. Not yet anyway, but here is an example of leaving Dr. McCullough vulnerable to naysayers and even "pro-vaccine just not this vaccine" folks if they had the wisdom to know the difference. FYI McCullough was illustrating domestic data only back in September 2022 and this is what the data looked like on Jan6thru12, 2023.

Now that you know what you know please watch this ~15min condensed recap video of the interview again with my little narrative memes included:

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