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Dutch Lot toxicity study (Pfizer-52 lot count)

These are the lot's the Demark group reference in the analysis:

* The Relative Lot Toxicity column was not apart of the Dutch study, I added this column as part of my analysis and formula to calculate the vaersaware "Lot Tox RVU".

Lot Tox RVU (Relative Value Unit):

Priority Level

1) Death 2) Permanent Disability [PD] 3) Birth Defect/Anomaly [BD] 4) Life Threatening [LT] 5) Hospital 6) Emergency [ER] 7) Office Visit [OV] 8) None of Above [NOA]

Each VAERS report ID# is assigned a RVU of the highest level adverse event recorded for that report. A cumulative total of RVU for all reports is then divided by the total number of reports for that Lot number.

Example: Let use of the most Toxic lots in the VAERS universe (032H20A) with lots that contain 200< reports. I call this one my Puerto Rican lot.

* Please notice there are 259 events for 240 total reports meaning 7.92% of the reports have more than one event level checked off. To rectify the variance vaersaware only assigns "1" event level per report. However for the sake of this explanation the RVU for this lot would be 2500*39 (Deaths), 2*425 (PD), 40*334 (HOSP), 30*195 (ER), 37*80 (OV), 111*11(NOA). This equals a total RVU count of 121,741 now divided by 240 reports equals


This is a highly unusual lot generally speaking because on average, statistics show we expect to see more hospital, ER, and OV and PD's per death. What is more unusual of all is 25 of 39 deaths are from Puerto Rico.

Now that we know what LotTox RVU is and how to interpret, I present my vaersaware visual of some of actual lot#'s apart of this Dutch analysis:

I realize this image is difficult to see, but the graph in the upper left the simple list by report count and only reports Emergency or higher. The right side is RVU graph showing a column of calculated RVU's and a column of report totals per particular lot.

Go to my Substack for rest of analysis...

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