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Dr. Raymond Obomsawin

This website is a celebration of the life of Dr. Raymond Obomsawin. In addition to sharing some details of his amazing life, it contains links to his vast array of videos, audio, and written material.


Raymond was dedicated to following and sharing spiritual truths and he believed very strongly that this included taking care of our bodies, God’s temple.  He did all he could to inspire people to live natural, healthful lifestyles and worked tirelessly to wake up the world to the dangers of pharmakeia. His findings regarding the covid vaccine were especially enlightening and have helped many people maneuver through these confusing times.  These messages are timeless and we, his family, want to preserve his legacy by posting them here. We believe that they will be a blessing to you and to anyone that you may choose to share them with. May God open your hearts and minds to Raymond’s messages that he prayed over and put his heart and soul into.

Were childhood diseases like measles, mumps and chicken pox eradicated by vaccines? Surely we wiped out polio with modern vaccine genius! Or does Science paint a different picture? Does the COVID-19 Vaccine protect you against infection? Are the vaccinated or unvaccinated healthier?

Learn the Science they don't want you to see so you can protect yourself and your family!

Presentation is by Dr. Raymond Obomsawin

15,278 views Aug 20, 2013

Learn about the Creator's original dietary prescription for the human family. What makes dairy and meat so dangerous to human health? What human diseases are linked to a diet that includes dairy and meat? What long-term brain illnesses are linked to meat and dairy consumption? Can proper cooking make eating meat completely safe? Uncover the cruelty and human health hazards in modern factory farms and the wide range of diseases linked to dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. Examine the scientific evidence that reveals why you shouldn't eat meat or dairy.

149,358 views Aug 21, 2013

Why do vaccine shots pose serious physical, mental, and behavioral dangers in humans? Raymond Obomsawin gives a historical overview of human attempts to create immunity, artificially, via vaccination. He explores the issues surrounding these artificial attempts to protect human health. Raymond Obomsawin shows the real causes of some of the more recent health issues and how vaccines, among other artifical chemicals and pharmaceutics, cause harmful and, oftentimes, lifelong health damage. He shows, via statistical and historical facts, that vaccines have no positive impact on the decline of disease. Watch this video expose the truth about vaccines.

10,564 views Aug 20, 2013

Raymond Obomsawin explores the connection between GMOs and health issues in humans. What is the connection between GM foods we eat and common ailments such as allergies, digestive enzyme disruption, digestive impairments, immune reactions, toxic reactions in the digestive tract, liver damage, other vital organ damage, reproductive problems, infant mortality, reductions in birth size and growth, and even death? Can animals tell the difference between regular and GM foods? Learn the truth about GMOs and their dangers to human health and the environment.

Raymond's last great work just before his passing.

This section below is Raymond's Health Lectures

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